At the end of March Mr.B whisked me away to Agadir in Morocco and it was absolutely blissful. It was somewhere I had always wanted to go and so what a treat it was to leave the miserable British March weather behind for a whole week and indulge in some sun, sea and tagines. I decided to go back to basics on the photography front and replaced my SLR for a Pentax. So with three rolls of film and two lenses in hand I was all set to snap away in a more ‘old school’ way. There is still something so lovely and magical about releasing the shutter in a film camera and not being able to see the results instantly; it teases you until the film can be developed …

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  1. LOVE ur Agadoo pics!!!!!!great snapshot of Mr B. an i wud ‘hang’ the one of the motorbike. Very arty holiday snaps indeed.


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