About Me

About me

Creative Wedding PhotographerWhen not behind my camera, I can be found taking in the delights of Greenwich Park, indulging in a Black Vanilla Ice Cream, hunting for markets or getting lost in the backstreets of London Town. Travelling the world with my other half is also something I’d like to add to the list. My inquisitive nature and intrigue to discover has taken us to some beautiful locations around the world. There are still many-a-country to tick off my never ending list of ‘places to see’ but there’s time yet …

I tied the knot five years ago and I can safely say it was the best day of my life. I may have been consumed at the time with hole punching, sticking, glueing, bunting-making and so on … but I loved every single second and I wouldn’t change a thing. A wedding day is a very special time and the fact that I get to share along in many-a-wedding-tale is an absolute joy.

On a wedding day, I am both an artist and a storyteller. The moments I document always seek to capture the day as it really was – nothing is too contrived and no moments are forced. I am there to reflect the true essence of the day. No wedding is ever the same and so it’s vital that I am able to apply my style of photography to any wedding situation. If it’s a quiet moment with the bride in the morning or a laugh out loud moment during the speeches, I am on hand to capture all aspects of any wedding day.

I am completely honest and give my couples everything I have both as a photographer and a real person. In understanding each other’s quirks, passions, dreams and fears we will always undoubtedly make some beautiful imagery.

If you would like to see some examples of my work please stop by the Blog. This is where it all happens and you will be able see the wedding delights of others! Contact