My name is Amy B and I am a creative wedding photographer living in Greenwich, London. Photography is my absolute passion and making beautiful imagery is what I do best. I love to photograph the things that go unnoticed and transform these moments into something extraordinary. Letting each and every wedding story unfold by itself my style is natural and not contrived, creative and not stuffy.

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Amy B Photography – Creative Wedding Photography



Take your time to sit and enjoy the slideshow above before you go off for a sift through the rest of my wedding website. I hope that it will give you a better ‘feel’ for how I go about shooting a wedding and maybe why I call myself a creative wedding photographer. Composition, framing, use of light, processing … these are just a few things that I explore and experiment with when shooting a wedding. Ultimately though, weddings wouldn’t be the same without the people and I don’t waste anytime getting stuck in. I naturally gravitate to documenting the love, the laughter, the tears, the dancing, the speeches and all the other wonderful celebrations that come with taking part in a wedding day. Combine this with my creative style and documentary approach, you will be delivered a vibrant set of wedding images that capture the true essence of your wedding day.
I understand that weddings come in various shapes and sizes and I hope that you will enjoy looking through the luscious weddings I have included on my portfolio page ; you might even be able to pinch one or two ideas for your big day. Being a wedding photographer, I’m obviously going to be a little biased but I can’t recommend enough investing lots of time and careful consideration into finding the right wedding photographer for you. After all, the memories from your wedding day will live on through your photographs. So go and stick the kettle on, grab a biscuit and explore every section of my site. A good place to start, once you’ve watched the slideshow, is to head over here to find out a little more about me and if you want to check out whats on offer you can find that info here. There is also a whole host of my previous weddings on the blog so don’t forget to visit there too.